Social networks suck

I planned to start this one with a question but I think this is so obvious. Have you had these days where you wake up early, tired as hell, go to the sofa, grab the phone, and have a quick look through Facebook / Twitter / Reddit etc.? You don’t make coffee, breakfast, or anything like that. 30 minutes later you realize you should make yourself a coffee but now making it feels like you don’t really want to do it. Just because you have spent those 30 minutes on any social network now makes you feel you should probably spend some more before even having a coffee or eating. 30 minutes later you decide to have some breakfast too. And then you realize you have spent a pointless one hour on the sofa that could have been an hour of sleep, an hour of reading/writing, or something a bit more meaningful than watching the LEDs on your small display change colors constantly in front of you.

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